Dr. Langberg & Team are all about making people smile.  Helping people achieve their best smile is smile-worthy work.  For Dr Langberg, though, the true reward comes from giving back to the community throughout the year.  From sponsoring youth sports teams to contributing to the Ridgefield Public Library, schools, and local animal shelter, Dr. Langberg & Team regularly support local organizations and join in special community events.

Dr. Langberg Supports Local Animal Shelter

At the Ridgefield Operation Animal Rescue (ROAR) fundraising event in October 2014, "Paws for the Cause," Dr. Langberg sponsored a Pet Photo Booth, where hundreds of enthustiastic pet owners and their cherished animals posed for pictures. He also donated funds to support the animal shelter.

Dr. Langberg presents a check to ROAR shelter director Allyson Dotson.


Dr. Langberg gives $4,500 to schools

Ridgefield Press

This fall, orthodontist Dr. Blaine Langberg is celebrating the 10th year of his practice in Ridgefield and is marking the anniversary by donating $4,500 to theRidgefield Public Schools.

He has three children, all of whom do or will attend Ridgefield public schools.

Dr. Langberg donated $500 to each of the public elementary schools, middle schools and Ridgefield High School to thank the PTAs and schools for “their commitment to our children and to help them continue to enrich the school community with programs, performances and media/technology services.”


Dr. Langberg & Team Donated More Than 115 lbs of Food to Ridgefield Food Pantry

Ridgefield Press

Ridgefield orthodontist Dr. Blaine Langberg & Team recently held their annual food collection drive for the Ridgefield Food Pantry. Dr. Langberg's patients and staff donated more than 115 pounds of food to help stock the pantry's shelves. Dr. Langberg also presented Ridgefield Social Services, which operates the food pantry, with a check for $250. The food collection drive is part of Dr. Langberg's Season of Giving.

In addition to the food collection drive, this year's Season of Giving also features a patient rewards token donation jar. Dr. Langberg's patients earn tokens during the course of their orthodontic treatment that may be exchanged for prizes. Patients have been generously donating their saved tokens to fill the jar. The higher the token level in the jar, the greater the donation to a local charity. Dr. Langberg is proud to report that the jar is well on its way to a $1000 donation.


Dr. Langberg Helps at Free Dental Clinic

Ridgefield Hamlet Hub, March 2015

Dr. Langberg was happy to donate his time on March 21, 2015 to help at Connecticut's Mission of Mercy Free Dental Clinic in Danbury. The event, held on the Western Connecticut University campus, provided charitable dental care to thousands of deserving people in the region. "It was an amazing event," says Dr. Langberg. "People were waiting in line outside before the clinic even opened.  It was my first time helping out with the clinic, but it definitely won't be my last. It was a life-changing opportunity for me and I was privileged to have been a part of it."

Dr. Langberg worked in the prosthetics department where he helped to transform smiles throughout the day. "We worked with one many who had been missing his front teeth for five years. When he left that day, he had a beautiful new smile. He was so grateful," says Dr. Langberg.

The Connecticut Mission of Mercy, or CTMOM, is a two-day clinic that provides free dental care to the underserved and uninsured in Connecticut -- those who would otherwise go without dental care.  The Connecticut Foundation for Dental Outreach in collaboration with the Connecticut State Dental Association held the state's first Mission of Mercy clinic in 2008.  Every year the CTMOM project is held in a different location in Connecticut.

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