Orthodontist Langberg renovates office

Ridgefield orthodontist Dr. Blaine Langberg recently held an open house in honor of his newly expanded and renovated office at 17 Danbury Road.

“We have been in Ridgefield for 11 years, and over time our business has grown,” said Dr. Langberg. With additional patients came the need for more space. “When Ridgefield Florist next door moved, it was the perfect opportunity to expand.

“The expansion nearly doubled our space, allowing us to add special features such as additional private treatment rooms. Quality patient care and comfort are important to us, and our new facilities now match our state-of-the-art orthodontic technology.”

The newly renovated space also includes a furnished reception area, complete with an Internet café station, a children’s play area and a separate game room with pinball machines and other video arcade games.

Dr. Langberg is a Harvard-educated, board-certified orthodontist. He is on the attending faculty at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Dr. Langberg lives in Ridgefield with his wife, Rachel, and three daughters.



Dr. Langberg gives $4,500 to schools

Ridgefield Press, November 13, 2013

This fall, orthodontist Dr. Blaine Langberg is celebrating the 10th year of his practice in Ridgefield and is marking the anniversary by donating $4,500 to theRidgefield Public Schools.

He has three children, all of whom do or will attend Ridgefield public schools.

Dr. Langberg donated $500 to each of the public elementary schools, middle schools and Ridgefield High School to thank the PTAs and schools for “their commitment to our children and to help them continue to enrich the school community with programs, performances and media/technology services.”


Ridgefield Press, April 2011

Orthodontist: No more ‘goop’

Dylan Cheung, of Redding, Dr. Langberg, and records technician Gina Morrison, with the new impression scanner.

The office of Ridgefield orthodontist Dr. Blaine Langberg has become the first and only orthodontic office in Ridgefield to offer digital scanning to take dental impressions.

“No more messy goop!” said Dr. Langberg.

Dental impressions are an essential part of planning treatment and creating orthodontic appliances. However, for many patients the process of taking impressions can be a particularly unpleasant experience, he said.

“Traditional impressions that use alginate impression material, aka the ‘goop,’ are messy and uncomfortable,” he said. “Fortunately, for technicians and patients alike, advances in technology now allow dentists and orthodontists to eliminate the goopy material in many instances.”

According to Dr. Langberg, “Digital scanning is a huge step up in patient care. It allows us to create precise impressions, even for those patients who typically have difficulty tolerating the process. We are pleased to offer this new technology for an even more comfortable and exceptional patient experience.”

Dr. Langberg added, “Digital scanning also streamlines Invisalign treatment. The scanner is integrated with Invisalign and reduces what is a two-step process with traditional impressions to a single step using a digital scan.”

Digital impressions reduce the Invisalign start time from six weeks to just three. Patients are able to see a simulation of their treatment based on the digital impression and view the “after” even before treatment begins.

Dr. Langberg said digital scanning ensures an accurate impression that results in more effective orthodontic planning and treatment.

Dr. Langberg will be marking 10 years in Ridgefield this September. For more information, call 203-431-4466 or visit braceyourselves.com.

Dr. Langberg Named Top Doc in Fairfield County
Dr. Langberg recently was named one of the top dental professionals in Fairfield County. New Canaan-Darien Magazine compiled the list based on peer evaluations, taking into careful consideration years of experience, professional background, continuing education, patient manner, use of new techniques and physical results.

Congratulations, Dr. Langberg!

Dr. Langberg & Team Donated More Than 115 lbs of Food to Ridgefield Food Pantry

Ridgefield orthodontist Dr. Blaine Langberg & Team recently held their annual food collection drive for the Ridgefield Food Pantry. Dr. Langberg's patients and staff donated more than 115 pounds of food to help stock the pantry's shelves. Dr. Langberg also presented Ridgefield Social Services, which operates the food pantry, with a check for $250. The food collection drive is part of Dr. Langberg's Season of Giving.

In addition to the food collection drive, this year's Season of Giving also features a patient rewards token donation jar. Dr. Langberg's patients earn tokens during the course of their orthodontic treatment that may be exchanged for prizes. Patients have been generously donating their saved tokens to fill the jar. The higher the token level in the jar, the greater the donation to a local charity. Dr. Langberg is proud to report that the jar is well on its way to a $1000 donation.