Patient Reward Program: The P.R.O.P.s rewards program gives patients the opportunity to earn tokens to redeem towards fun novelty prizes and gift cards to some of our favorite local businesses such as Chez Lenard, Peachwave frozen yogurt, Planet Pizza and Lowes' movie tickets!

What is the Patient Rewards Program? Dr. Langberg’s Patient Rewards Orthodontic Program (“P.R.O.P.s”) is a token-based incentive program designed to encourage young patients to follow orthodontic protocol during the course of their treatment plan.  All patients under the age of 18 are automatically enrolled when their treatment begins.

How are patients rewarded? Patients are awarded a token at every regularly scheduled appointment for each of three criteria: 1.Clean teeth and healthy gums. 2. Demonstrating good cooperation with treatment instructions. 3. No lost, broken or loose braces, wires or other appliances. Patients also can earn additional tokens for referrals, excellent report cards, on their birthday, and on bonus token days (hat day, team jersey day, etc.) or other special bonus token events.
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